Delta Goodrem at the Logies

I recently teamed up with animation queen Rachael of Strictlyandlow & The Squared Division for a very special job. 
Last night Delta Goodrem performed ‘Dear Life’ at The Logies and I was invited to illustrate the content in the background. 

This style is completely different to my usual cartoony-skeleton pics - but versatility is important in my world, so I’ll give anything a red hot crack. 
I spent a very busy few days sketching, scanning and creating ink typography in the lead up to the big event. 

Seeing it come to life through the telly, knowing thousands of other humans in their homes were watching was when I could fully appreciate the work put in. Thanks for having me Deltabae x



Cartoon Girl Turned Real-Life

For years i've wanted to create photo vs real life images. When I finished uni, it was something I was so passionate about. I approached magazines and clothing companies asking if I could create this kind of work for them (without payment) and got so many knock backs, mostly because my style wasn't the right fit I guess. An Australian label even rejected my email, took my pitch and did it using another artist. 

It took nearly a decade and a love affair with snapchat for me to realise how much I enjoy drawing ridiculous things over my mug. I feel like i don't live in the real world anyway, so I want to give you an insight to just how colourful mine really is. 


"It appears that boy gave you butterflies madam"

"I feel distracted today"

"Foxy Feelings"

"Sugar Spice and all things nice" #whatgirlsaremadeof

 "She came from the sea"

 "Cheers mate, I like yours too"

New work: Sweet Dreams

At the beginning of this year I had an incredible detox. I fucked off all forms of social media because I realised half of my time was being chewed up by doing countless rounds of refreshing, tumbling, liking, commenting and trawling. I took a massive time out to think about who I am creatively and how I can convey a tidier version of myself through my art. This disconnection enabled me to really get to learn more about my own head. 

Each morning I would wake up, sit on my verandah, have a coffee and draw. There were so many scrappy bits of inky paper that piled up and I didn't care if the finished product was good or bad. I couldn't believe how productive I was when I just got into my zone, and didn't have to answer to anyone but me. 

Prints and postcards of the 'Sweet Dreams Collection' are available online


International Women's Day

The new Illustration I did for international Women’s Day 2016. 
If you piece together women from across the world, it creates one big picture. Shout outs to all my sisters, celebrating womanhood. 
PS Please credit me if you use this image anywhere else except tumblr. Some wads cropped & photoshopped my signature out of the image last year and it made some rounds on the internet-o-sphere. #createorcredit yo. @dizzylittledotty on IG or Lauren Carney Art on FB.


Happy Socks

I've recently kicked off a collaboration between myself and Happy Socks :)
The guys at HS HQ were delighted by my illustrated photo mashups, and asked if I would do my take on 4 of their designs. Pretty sure the tropical one is my fave. 

More of these art vs real life images are up on instagram. x



Today has been one of those days where I have sat down and decided to do a massive tidy up of my life on the computer. Going through and updating Linked In, The Loop and arranging files for my exciting new website *high pitched girly squeals* has made me realise how much work I haven't published or blogged about. Such a rookie.

I teamed up with leading Advertising agency Sapient Nitro a while back to illustrate an image for RACQ's 'You can't go back in time' campaign. The objective was to draw a busy car crash scene in the streets of Brisbane, but keep everything within a certain space, so when it was folded, the image changed completely.