Plant Paradise DIY

I recently embarked on a creative venture to revamp my little house with some greenery. My sister and I did a crafternoon session at her place during the week with her plants, and I had to share the process with you guys. 
Unfortunately all the pots at most nursery's / hardware stores are pricey. So this cute little DIY sesh is perfect if you're on an artist's budget ;-)

What you need :
Cute plants $11 - 20 (Mappins Nursery
Pots $6 - Kmart  (as pictured above)
Water Dish $1 - Kmart 
Fairy Lights $5 - Kmart 
Derivan Matisse Acrylic Paint - $6 each Riot Art & Crafts
2 x Paint Brushes (one thick, one thin) - $10 Riot Art & Craft
Small bag of potting mix - $8 Kmart
Hairdryer if you own one 

To get inspired, hit the Pinterest boards and search for some example pots, or pattern references. Once you've got an idea in mind, lay your drop sheet and crack open some paint.

I recommend not getting too elaborate with your patterns - you don't want to detract from your plant. Plus you'll find the less detailed the design, the quicker the process will be. I chose little geometric triangles, and kept the colours all in theme. With my illustrations I like to have a 5 colour rule, that way you don't overload your creation, and the outcome will have nice harmony. When choosing your colours too, make sure they are colours that compliment a garden green tone. Even if you use a tube of garden green acrylic as reference against the other colours you're trying to pick. Try matching some tones with your decor too, whether you pick some colours from your bed linen or any wall art. Also, don't cheap out on your paints - Kmart pots are top notch, the acrylic paint is not! Make sure you get some decent paint at an art shop (Riot, Eckersleys, or even some sample pots from a house paint shop)

I found that it took about 3 layers to get full coverage of each pot. If you're impatient, like me, grab a hair dryer and give it a blast for a few minutes until the outside is semi dry. It fast tracks the process!

Once your pots are 100% dry repot them with your new plants. 
Your new space will look lush as. 

The end result. It's crazy how much these guys brighten up then place. It feels like I have a new home, and the first thing I see is my plant babies when I open my eyes. Place the fairy lights in your bigger pots. Hopefully this has inspired you to kick off a cute afternoon of painting and decorating your little space.

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