Art Vs Real life

This project has been 7 years in the making. 
7 long years I've had this little itch in my brain, that would surface when I least expected it. Sometimes it would turn up in the middle of the night, or other times when I'm drowning in emails in a busy cafe.

 I finally wrangled the idea by the balls and went for it. It wasn't for anyone else but me. A new way to translate the ideas in my head about how I view the world to others. 

I've always felt that my brain exists in a cartoon fantasy land but my body is trapped in reality. So I decided to become a part of my artwork. 

Oh She blooms.  #thumbelina

"But now I'm refined"
When Little Red met the Big Bad Wolf

 Her head is always in the clouds 

 Dancing with the devil

"Shh. Be quiet or he will hear you"
My heart has a rave party whenever you're near

 "I could have sworn you were human"

Limited Edition. Each sold separately. 

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