Art Vs Real Life : The Next Chapter

Look at your girl like she is art. 

 "Their relationship always is" #heartvsbrain 

She was so lovesick her tiny body couldn't contain it. 

"I made these just for you, so you can shine brighter than you already do" #nightspirit  

Yeah same bro. #weekenddreaming 

"It's just as I suspected madame, you're made of sugar, spice and everything nice!" #whatgirlsaremadeof

Staple tokyo diet 101 

The only zzz's I catch are from bees. #ididn'tstealyourhoney

And just like that she vanished into the breeze #byepaperdoll  

Heading to Tokyo. #fullheartemptysuitcase 

The people at the party were all kinds of arty. 

There was a place behind her face where the wildest flowers grew. But not everyone could see it, she chose to show only you. 

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