Holy Spaces

So earlier this year I moved into a fancy new place at the top of my building. After staying in a teeny tiny apartment for two years in the city, that overlooked the train tracks, it was decided an upgrade was in order. 
I was never really that into the idea of beautifying my space because to be frank, my original apartment was a dank shithole.

I've tried to put effort into making whatever I have in my life beautiful - my clothes, my art, my house. To make my space a little more lush, I went on a pinterest frenzy, had some epic diy pot painting sessions, florist visits and kmart / bunnings runs. 

For the first time ever I wake up and am excited to sit in my little utopia and do work. 

Here are some helpful links if you're after some inspiration to vajazzle (yep, I used that word) your workspace:

Custom made desk by Duffleshuffle
Pots from Kmart 
Plants from Mappins Nursery 
Flowers from Brisbane Flower Market 

Happy revamping my darlings! x 

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