Princess Postcard Packs

Recently the Disney Princess Postcard packs were re-printed. Half of the goodies were snapped up by plenty of babes on the internet, and it made me want to create a new series of sorts. I kind of forgot how much I love working on my own stuff then launching it online. It's super rewarding to work your butt off on a collection, and realising other humans want a part of it for themselves.

Getting those postcards delivered to my place reminded me of the time in my life when I enjoyed creating the most. I've been so distracted by commercial jobs, I haven't had the chance to go into my cave and make magic like I usually do. I'm going to make a promise to myself, to make more time, or work smarter so I can make more technicolour drawings in the next month.

Postcard packs are available here

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  1. OMG Welcome back to the blogsphere! Although it's indeed got a lot more quiet around here, but hopefully we can stay kkk~ I'm slowly trying to coming back, too..

    anyway, the pics waaaahh... so prettyyy!!! I will stalk this blog more again after this, but omg the cinderella dress is very pretty and shiny and gorgeous and bright and everything! WAAAH