New work: Sweet Dreams

At the beginning of this year I had an incredible detox. I fucked off all forms of social media because I realised half of my time was being chewed up by doing countless rounds of refreshing, tumbling, liking, commenting and trawling. I took a massive time out to think about who I am creatively and how I can convey a tidier version of myself through my art. This disconnection enabled me to really get to learn more about my own head. 

Each morning I would wake up, sit on my verandah, have a coffee and draw. There were so many scrappy bits of inky paper that piled up and I didn't care if the finished product was good or bad. I couldn't believe how productive I was when I just got into my zone, and didn't have to answer to anyone but me. 

Prints and postcards of the 'Sweet Dreams Collection' are available online

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