Cartoon Girl Turned Real-Life

For years i've wanted to create photo vs real life images. When I finished uni, it was something I was so passionate about. I approached magazines and clothing companies asking if I could create this kind of work for them (without payment) and got so many knock backs, mostly because my style wasn't the right fit I guess. An Australian label even rejected my email, took my pitch and did it using another artist. 

It took nearly a decade and a love affair with snapchat for me to realise how much I enjoy drawing ridiculous things over my mug. I feel like i don't live in the real world anyway, so I want to give you an insight to just how colourful mine really is. 


"It appears that boy gave you butterflies madam"

"I feel distracted today"

"Foxy Feelings"

"Sugar Spice and all things nice" #whatgirlsaremadeof

 "She came from the sea"

 "Cheers mate, I like yours too"


  1. Wow, Lauren! These are amazing!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck, but I'm glad you kept at it. I'm sure it will pay off, and it does also look like lots of fun:)

    I've always been a fan of mash-ups like this too. And love it when it happens in videos (real life+cartoon/animation) as well. One came to mind and I thought you'd love it too:

  2. Guh! These are beyond amazing Lauren! <3