International Women's Day

The new Illustration I did for international Women’s Day 2016. 
If you piece together women from across the world, it creates one big picture. Shout outs to all my sisters, celebrating womanhood. 
PS Please credit me if you use this image anywhere else except tumblr. Some wads cropped & photoshopped my signature out of the image last year and it made some rounds on the internet-o-sphere. #createorcredit yo. @dizzylittledotty on IG or Lauren Carney Art on FB.


  1. This is an amazing illustration - thank you for sharing it!! I'm using it in my newsletter (I work for a mental health charity) and you will be credited of course.

  2. This is so inspiring and BEAUTIFUL

  3. Hi, my cousin and I are starting our own youtube channel. it will be focus mostly on parenting, and for our first video we want to tal about the international women's day. We want to have notes in our hand as we have a conversation, and I wanted your permission to use your picture in the bac of our notes, it will be perfect, its so beautiful, and we can totally mention your blog on our video. We will be taling about how empowering and building each other up is priority, and much more. Than you so much, for even reading this!!! (I'm sorry one of my letters on my eyboard doesn't wor, I thin you can notice which one is by now)