giveaway time!

Oh yeah. It’s giveaway time!

I have a lovely pre-Christmas giveaway going on for facebook fans over the next ten days! 
There are 25 x postcard packs (4 post cards per pack) up for grabs in exchange for a little favor.

All you have to do is suggest the ‘Lauren Carney Art’ Facebook page to ALL of your oh-so-lovely friends, and then leave a post on my wall letting me know!

Flick me a email to contact@laurencarneyart.com with your postal address, and some cards will sneakily make their way to your post box!

PLEASE NOTE: Each postcard four-pack is assorted, and more like a lucky dip, so you could get any 4 postcards, pretty please don’t request which cards you get, as they have already been tied up. J

Giveaway closes: 19th  November 2010


  1. I'm in too :) You're art is amazing !!!

  2. Ah I'm so sad I didn't get the chance to come to finders keepers... I have been meaning to check it out for so long!

    Will have to come to the next markets and supply you with some cookies!!

  3. how i wish there was a post lady as cute as her who bounced up to my door and gave out the mail.