Finders Keepers Spring Markets

Wowzers. What a crazy awesome weekend!
I think it's taken me a good 36 hours to catch up from it!
The Spring Finders Keepers was simply delightful - the sun was out, and all the young trendies in Brisbane came out to play!

I met some really pleasant folk throughout the whole weekend.
It was so humbling to have people go out of their way to visit and say nice things about my art!

AND I had no stock left! I went in with 70 prints and left with 10!
The car load of stuff that was carted to the Old museum on the Friday was compacted to a couple of half empty suitcases come Sunday. What a good feeling!

I met the sensational Flossy-P, Courtney Brims, caught up with Alana from Little Jane Street and got two hang out with two of my favourite art babes 
Angela and Renee from Leeloo

I was so busy that I didn't even get a chance to see the third room at the museum. Biggest. Regret. Ever.
But there's always next time!

Photos Provided were taken by the very clever Mark Lobo & Dominique Antos from Esbert's Collection


  1. your prints and stall looked delightful :-) I definitely need to head over east when a Finders Keepers market is on!

  2. Indeed - best weekend ever!
    Two of your prints are eagerly sitting in my room room waiting to be framed :D
    I regret not buying your stickers, but I guess I'll have to get them off etsy!

  3. ooh I want to visit there, I missed the Finders Keepers in Melbourne.
    Congratulation with you sells :))

  4. adorable, I'm from Brazil, how can I have one of your works? :3

  5. Your halloween series prints are still my favourites! Simple and nice!

    I wish I was there to visit the Finders Keepers XD Seems so much fun and so much to explore.

  6. Oh that looks so incredible, and I feel so happy for you! Congratulations of the big success! ^__^

  7. ~i love your works. come and sell some in polandd!

  8. ohhh thanks for your comment!
    you have a wonderfull blog!!! so lovely!
    i follow you!!!! its okay? haha
    Great work darling!

  9. Looks like it was a great event and congratulations on your sales ! Thanks for your comment : )

  10. everything i see here is so beautiful and exciiiiiting!!

  11. Your work impressed me and I'm not astonished that you are left with ten only. It is awesome and unique in it own character. Really nice!
    I think I'm ready to buy one of your prints, the one with Tokyo.
    P.S.: Thank you for the comment on my blog.

  12. Awe, Lauren! Thanks for dropping by! :) I'm amazed by your wonderful art. I have no artistic skills at all, which is very frustrating!

    I'm your newest follower :).

    Keep having fun!


  13. how fun!!!! your prints are stunning!! :)

  14. lovely blog girl. you have yourself a new follower.


    ps thanks for visiting today.

  15. Someone please kidnap me there! Soooo gorgeus =)

  16. Thank your for stopping by today!!! Love your blog!

    Follow me when you have a moment.. www.neenaneu.blogspot.com

    xo Nina

  17. heey! thanks for comment my blog :) i like yours, it's so cute!


  18. really great pics:))

    so cute!!!!!!

    kiss kiss

  19. All the art is so beautiful.
    I could decorate my home(my world) with your work

    hope to hear from you!
    love always


  20. Oh wow! Everything looks so pretty! I regret not going :(

  21. Meowsy to you too girl! Love your artwork too, and congrats on being able to sell so many! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. Oh you did great! congratulations!

    I so would have loved to have been there, browsing your section...and all of your art! You've got great style!

    thanks for stopping in to see me....
    come by anytime!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  23. Lovely post! Your art is very distinct and gorgeous!

  24. You have such cool things! amazing work, great to have met you here over the blogoshere :D

  25. Thanks for your kind comment! Nice blog as well. I love the last picture, I really like the way it is blurred!


  26. WOW Great photos! Amazing display of your work :) Officially a fan now :) Can't wait to see more xox

  27. Hi Lauren! Great blog, I absolutely love your work!

  28. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    i saw your stall at finders keepers and was drooling!!

  29. Hello handsome! ;)

    I am charmed with your style and make me happy to see well that you goes...

    Keep working like a Champion!

    A Kiss "Little Princess"! ;*

  30. I adore those pom poms dotted around the room. And sounds like you had a great day selling your prints. They are fantastic!

  31. your work is wonderful. and what a good feeling to sell so much work :)

  32. hey, thanks for your visit and your sweet words about our blog ...

  33. İt's my firt visit and...WOW ! everything is beautiful !

  34. If you come down to Sydney please make an announcent so I can come see you and buy some of your artwork !
    Gahhh everything of yours is amazing !
    Congrats on the sale of your artwork, but really how can someone resist your stuff !? ;P

    Lola xo

  35. This looks like a lovely market day. When I used to live in Sydney I loved going to the weekend markets. Unfortunately Vancouver hasn't caught on to this brilliant idea yet!