Exhibition Night!

Wowzers, what a busy few weeks!

Sorry I have been such a bad blogger! Have been a busy little bee with the Samhain Exhibizzle Shizzle. 
Crazy times! The night turned out so well, and I sold all of my little a5 paintings with in an hour and a half!
Also met some fabulous people, and mingled with friends and family!
I simply can't wait to do another one!

"Creepers"    12 x 17 cm

"Dance 'til you Drop"  12 x 17 cm

"Away We Go"   12 x 17 cm

"Falō"  12 x 17 cm

"He"  13 x 13 cm

"Wading"  12 x 17 cm

"Samhain"  80 x 60 

"Secrets" 14 x 9 cm

"Hush and Shush"  12 x 17 cm

"Nesting"  80 x 60

"The Missing"  12 x 17 cm

The Haunting  80 x 60


  1. So many amazing illustrations! I wish I could comment on them all, but you'd be here 'til morning reading everything if I did.

    The ones with the owls are gorgeous - I really like the way you combine people with animals. It's fascinating, actually. It makes me think about what the connection is between the character and the animal and that just draws me deeper into your art. I love that.

    If I had to pick a favourite, mine would be the very first one. There's so much going on in that drawing - it appeals to my imagination.

  2. REALLY great stuff! Love your style...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too -- I appreciate the comment love! :)

  3. oh my they are so beautiful! fabulous work! My fave is 'the missing' they just look so peaceful!

  4. Oh yay! They are all lovely, and congratulations on your exhibition! :D It must be so fantastic to display all your cute stuff like that!

  5. Lauren, thanks for share a pice of your Samhain Exhibizzle Shizzle jajajajaja (That was diffucult to write). I would love asist!

  6. Lovely pictures!! I didn´t use to like Halloween, because in Spain we don´t celebrate but this year I went to aparty and I think that I will celebrate it every year!! I hope you have a happy halloween too!!



  7. this is such an incredible collection, lauren. though it's not fair, if i had to choose a favorite it would be: "dance 'til you drop". the use of red obviously makes it stand out, but the concept itself is creepy and a good representation of halloween as a whole. it also reminds me of the yeah yeah yeah's track "heads will roll". your impeccable attention to detail and wise coloring make the thematic elements of your pieces really shine through. and that goes for all your work. i'm quite taken by your style and the ease of which you convey these tiny little universes which so much emotion and character. for me, what sets you apart from others who may have similar styles is your ability to tell a story within your pieces without sacrificing the structure or playfulness that make them so special. your illustrations feel like a breath of fresh air, each and every one of them.

  8. Wow Lauren! i really love your illustration style XD *reaady to be a devoted follower already* XD

  9. LOVE the 3 owl illustration with the girl and pumpkin!! would you sell any of these!?!?!? they are ADORABLE! big fan of you art lady!


  10. So amazing. Congrats on all your sales x

  11. Congratulations, these are lovely! The color scheme is just so subtly spooky. Love.

  12. Wowzers! Congrats on yo0ur beautiful artworks and finding new homes for them all!
    So awesome :)

  13. Really cool drawings! I wish I can draw as you

  14. Incredible little paintings, very subtle and thought out. You've succeeded in creating an amazing world that feels very real!

  15. That's so awesome, Lauren! I'm glad it was such a success!

  16. Amazing! they are just.. no words...They are all great and wish I could have taken them all home myself!

  17. WOW!
    these are amazing
    so sad i missed it :(

  18. Fantastic work,
    I love the little images made up of little different pieces. Diaramas are great!

  19. Wow these are AMAZING! :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love your artwork :)

  20. Gorgeous paintings Lauren! I love the restrained colour pallette.

  21. Oh my these are incredible! Your are an amazing artist. And you draw all these just from your own head/imagination? As an art stundent and enthusiast myself, I find it extremely hard to get my own ideas down on paper, I envy how you do it so well!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is so interesting, will be coming by often.

    xx Carina

  22. Wow those are amazing, you are a great artist, I wish I was that good!!

  23. Ah! They are all so awesome!
    I was almost going to go, but alas life happens and I figure that you'll be at Finders Keepers anyway :D
    All the colours are so beautifully done!

  24. well done - thanks for stopping by! cool crazy work indeed :)


  25. These are all amazing, congratulations on the sales!

  26. Beautifl! Love your style of drawing, and the way you don't use a ton of different colours. Looks absolutely great. :)


  27. Those are really really really lovely!!
    I love your illustrations!
    They are so cute but never too childish :D :D Perfect!

    Congrats for the exhibition!!

  28. I've seen the work before. So this is YOU drawing these gorgeous illustrations? A-maz-ing!

  29. Amazing work! I love your style! ♥ Hope to see more from you very soon! xx

  30. I am so happy to have somehow magically stumbled upon your blog. I love your work! Just perfect.


  31. hello there you talented miss!
    your arts are a joy to look at. i am loving your watercolour and ink work. i can see the amount of work you put into each! very pleased to have discovered your work here :)

    and thank you for the kind comment on my blog!

  32. thanks for stopping by

    OMG i LOVER your illustrations. I myself wish I could draw :(
    just wondering how much you charge for drawings and desgins? if you do?

    Iove xo

  33. These are all fantastic! Good to hear the exhibition went well. Still kicking myself that I didn't get to make it. I would've loved to have seen these in person. I tried to sneak away for a few hours Monday/Tues but failed haha.

  34. congrats on the exibition!
    you're soooo talented!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!


    /there's a GIVE_AWAY on my blog/

  35. Congrats on your exhibition!!! Loving all the pieces that you shared on this post!

  36. just: "wow!"
    you've heard it lots already but…


  37. My head is running wild with stories when I look at these marvellous pieces of art. Your works are utterly fabulous.

  38. i love your works and style! and Congrats on your exhibition!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

  39. Thanks for visiting!
    His works are beautiful!
    I'll follow the blog and facebook

  40. wooow, I love your art!
    so beautiful! :)

    I´ll follow you

  41. Thank you for your comment to my blog even if I don't understand very well...
    I love your style of drawing !

  42. wooooooow! I really really really love your art!!! so interesting and original! love your drawings!

  43. Beautiful!! Your style is truly unique xox