Little Lauren has been going through a creative block lately. So i find that once i start doodling, it returns! Hooray!
I'm working on a set of forest themed illustrations at the momento.
So hopefully a lovely little set of ten will be coloured and looking delightful come next week!
x x


  1. Lauren I love these!! you are a very talented drawer x

  2. These are fantastic! Oh your drawings are just so detailed and eye catching, I find myself unable to take my eyes off them, there's just so many things to look at in your art! You have such a wonderful style!

  3. awesome!

    i have dreams about my teeth falling out too... wonder what it means :P

  4. InSANEly amazing as always. Gosh I wish I had one teeeeny tiny ounce of your creative genius! Oh, and I too dream of losing teeth. I was told it means you have a secret that you don't want anyone to find out..... any truth to that for you? haha I guess you wouldn't tell anyways! hehe

    Shilo x

  5. your "doodles" are a million times better than my finished drawings! :0

  6. Hi Lauren, you posted a little love note on our blog a week or so ago. I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciated it. it really made my day and we told everyone that a 'real artist!!!' had found us and encouraged us. So I just wanted to send you a little love note back to encourage you too on your creative block day! Your work is amazing. Aimee x
    PS: You have a beautiful name, well done to your mother hen, as you say. My baby's name is Loren too (sp different thou). I LOVE your alphabet graphics at the top of your blog and can just imagine her name like that on her wall. Inspiring! xo

  7. Out of your block has come beautiful art that we can all relate to! I love art about struggling and the challenges of life! Gorgeous!


    It's like a play by play of your week so far hahaha