thursday thursday

Oh what a lovely lovely day!
I spent the day with my darling sissy, seeing toy story 3 and gushing over the fantastical bits and pieces in at the best west end shop Nook. AND to make my day even better, my favorite artist and friend Dave spoiled me with a mcmassive print of my little self for my birthday!
Go look at his outstanding illustrations now!
*click on the image to see a bigger picture! YOU MUST*

"I wanted to draw a picture of what it might look like inside your mind" - Dave.

And a congratulations to Miss Katie Goss and the gang at Charlie Magazine who officially launched their first edition of the beautiful mag today! (which I was totally lucky enough to do lady pics for)


  1. Ive only just found you care of the Finders Keepers last weekend. I LOVE your work. Wish I was so talented. And thank you for posting about the Charlie mag. Never even realised it was on the cards and its just what I love. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. that is absolutely beautiful! What a lovely friend.. x

  3. This illustration is exquisite!!
    That's such a wonderful birthday present!

    Happy BDay Lauren darling!

  4. Lauren your work is brilliant! I agree with Leisa, I wish I was so talented too. Your Etsy store is simply beautiful! And the illustration Dave drew for your birthday is simply divine! Talent abounds here! Gorgeous blog. Danielle :)

  5. Heya Lauren, Your blog is gorgeous. Some friends at QCA mentioned your work a while ago, but its taken me this long to check you out.
    Really great work :)

  6. your blog is splendid too! im following now! :)

  7. You've received a blog award from me. Congratulations!


  8. Your art is so stunning!! Lovelovelove your blog, following you now!!!


  9. Your drawings are amazing! wow
    also, you're from Brissy... so totally jealous! I was there a month ago and lovedddd it! Fabulous blog x

  10. Grats on having your work featured!
    love the illustration, it is soo beautiful

  11. wow these are so awesome! love the blog xxx

  12. welcome and thanks for your visit at my blog.
    if you are interested we could swap??
    one print against one of my sterling silver lamb pendant or ring???

    greetings from germany


  13. My oh my! You've got a absolutely lovely blog here. I heart your arts so very much!!You totally have many splendid thoughts in your mind, just like what your friend illustrated.

    Thanks for the warmth brought to my blog and for sharing your arts and thoughts in yours. Love them all. Am excited for your next post.

    Following you! =)!

  14. It's a real pleasure to meet you!

    I'm delighted with all this... Love your world! Thanks a lot for sharing these beauties!
    Lots of Love :-)***

    PS: Are you a Crab?