Thursdays are turning out so swell for me!
I did drawings, got a hair cut, sipped tea and most importantly, went for visits to west end to see the lovely Michelle, owner of Nook!

We had splendid chats, and now there is a little piece of Lauren (or should I say multiple pieces) living inside her favorite shop!

My dollies, A3 prints and Stickers have a new home!

If you're in West End for this weekend's markets, trundle along to 19 Browning Street and gush over all the amazing creations Nook has to offer! (Its near the Melbourne Hotel and Cadillac Barbie!)


  1. Lovely blog and beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Lauren, thanks for popping into GPB and for your lovely comment.

    What West End markets? Are they a regular? I used to live in Lower Hardgrave and work in Boundary for about a decade before this decade up here on the Coast. LERVE West End.

    Hope you can come to the Avid Reader Knit In next Saturday 17. Just a friendly Knit In with whoever would like to come. Bring your friends. Bring your drawing, embroidery, patchwork, self.

    Fabbo blog you got here yourself girl.
    Lovely Jubely.

  3. Congratulations Lozza!!! Sooooo awesome! We must catch up soon, I feel as if we have much to chat about! Though between the two of us I'm fairly sure we message each other our whole life anyway haaarrrr.

    Love love

  4. You take lovely pictures ! I just discovered you blog, i will def be back :)

  5. Hello there dear!
    Thanks for your kind comments re: Peppermint magazine! I am very thrilled! But do you know what happened? - I was going to tell you at the next markets - they didn't print the blurb I submitted about myself, they left your one from the month before! So I have your description against my pictures!!! Naughty Peppermint! Lucky we have a very similar aesthetic, non!!!?! :P
    I hope you're going well! Will you be at the YDM Market and their Twlight market (the one during fashion week) in August? xx

  6. ps well done on your Nook installment! yay! :)

  7. Hi again lovely, Well I hope you have a great time in Cairns - yay! and you have to take great photos too! Gotta love a bit of blog love! see you soon x