Future Beauty : 30 Years in Japanese Fashion Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of doing a workshop at Goma as a part of the 'Future Beauty: 30 Years in Japanese Fashion' 

I came in to do a 2 hour drawing session with an intimate crowd, where we designed 3 different Street styles. Kuro Gyaru, Decora and Sweet Lolita were the subculture fashion genres I thought would be the most creative to explore. 

There were so many incredible designs that came out of the workshop. Each person put a really colourful and radical swing on their design. 

For anyone who missed out, I've attached the activity booklet below. 

Photos via meohmygirl and Tokyofashion


  1. Looks amazing Lauren! I wish I could have made it there! xx

  2. I''ve been attracted to japanese fashion lately, and this post makes me really happy! My favorite is lolita, but I love fairykei too, and decora is just as adorable~ it always makes me wonder how they did come up with such styles lol <3 and your drawings are adorable as always!

    1. Omg right? How good is it ? Seriously their normal attire is really classy too. Their crazy stuff has so much effort put in, its tremendous. I didn't even know about how many different categories of Kei there are until researching it. If you have a chunk of time you want to spend on the internet, googling japanese subculture fashion would be well time well spent :D

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    1. Hey dude they sure did, not the same day as me though. I think it was in Feb some time.