On The Wall Exhibition.

I have recently whipped up an A3ish sized artwork (9"x12") for Leeloo's On the Wall exhibition which will be held at the Sydney Finder's Keeper's Markets this Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th of December. 

I painted this picture on A4 paper at first, then realised I had my dimensions all wrong (Doh!).
So I re-did this one over night after buying some really thick watercolour card,
and totally fell in love with texture of it (no creasing or ripples = Hooray)


  1. how cute is this! very talented! would love love to know how to illustrate like this! xoxo


  2. cooool! i'm heading to the finders keepers sydney markets and am so excited to see this in the flesh.

    p.s. rippling/warped paper really sucks, huh!
    have you tried soaking and then stretching your paper down to a wooden/melamine board with paper tape?
    oh also, illustration board is pretty hardy and would be perfect for your fineliner work.
    you probably know about these already....but if not, hope that might help. i was in the dark for ages and wish someone had told me in the beginning.

  3. wow that really nice painting love the watercolor effect. and those bright orange color make me fall in love with painting even more ><

  4. that's beautiful!

    sab@ fromblank.blogspot.com

  5. Your art is so beautiful! I love the oranginess of this one.

  6. This kind of pictures are awesome I love them :)

  7. Looks amazing. Great job, and to do it twice, what patience!

  8. I Love your paintings. Do you sell in Melbourne? They would look so great on my wall!

  9. More beautiful! I love your color, with only black and orange, you create a wonderfull universe :))

  10. Oh this is incredible illustrative work! so wonderful to see and behold! well done girl! well done!

    also...i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit with me!

    have a great night!
    and never ever put down your pencil!
    cause that would be a crime with someone of your talent!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. These are so sweet and charming!
    I love the subtle colors you chose for them

  12. So so so sweet :D
    Love the harmonious in this artwork!

    And good luck to the exhibition!!

  13. This is so sweet Lauren. And I did the same thing with the paper size! I nearly had a nervous breakdown! Hope the ladies took lots of photos so we can check out the rest of On the Wall

  14. wow, i completely love your work! thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, if you hadn't i would never have found yours! and lovely to know you live in brisbane, as well :) your illustrations are beautiful.
    taylah x