House Witches

New cute drawings of Harry Potter babes are out.

Prints of each house babe come with different skin tone variations. That way my art can be more inclusive of babes from different backgrounds. Links are below.

Prints are available here


Art Vs Real Life : The Next Chapter

Look at your girl like she is art. 

 "Their relationship always is" #heartvsbrain 

She was so lovesick her tiny body couldn't contain it. 

"I made these just for you, so you can shine brighter than you already do" #nightspirit  

Yeah same bro. #weekenddreaming 

"It's just as I suspected madame, you're made of sugar, spice and everything nice!" #whatgirlsaremadeof

Staple tokyo diet 101 

The only zzz's I catch are from bees. #ididn'tstealyourhoney

And just like that she vanished into the breeze #byepaperdoll  

Heading to Tokyo. #fullheartemptysuitcase 

The people at the party were all kinds of arty. 

There was a place behind her face where the wildest flowers grew. But not everyone could see it, she chose to show only you. 


Princess Postcard Packs

Recently the Disney Princess Postcard packs were re-printed. Half of the goodies were snapped up by plenty of babes on the internet, and it made me want to create a new series of sorts. I kind of forgot how much I love working on my own stuff then launching it online. It's super rewarding to work your butt off on a collection, and realising other humans want a part of it for themselves.

Getting those postcards delivered to my place reminded me of the time in my life when I enjoyed creating the most. I've been so distracted by commercial jobs, I haven't had the chance to go into my cave and make magic like I usually do. I'm going to make a promise to myself, to make more time, or work smarter so I can make more technicolour drawings in the next month.

Postcard packs are available here


Plant Paradise DIY

I recently embarked on a creative venture to revamp my little house with some greenery. My sister and I did a crafternoon session at her place during the week with her plants, and I had to share the process with you guys. 
Unfortunately all the pots at most nursery's / hardware stores are pricey. So this cute little DIY sesh is perfect if you're on an artist's budget ;-)

What you need :
Cute plants $11 - 20 (Mappins Nursery
Pots $6 - Kmart  (as pictured above)
Water Dish $1 - Kmart 
Fairy Lights $5 - Kmart 
Derivan Matisse Acrylic Paint - $6 each Riot Art & Crafts
2 x Paint Brushes (one thick, one thin) - $10 Riot Art & Craft
Small bag of potting mix - $8 Kmart
Hairdryer if you own one 

To get inspired, hit the Pinterest boards and search for some example pots, or pattern references. Once you've got an idea in mind, lay your drop sheet and crack open some paint.

I recommend not getting too elaborate with your patterns - you don't want to detract from your plant. Plus you'll find the less detailed the design, the quicker the process will be. I chose little geometric triangles, and kept the colours all in theme. With my illustrations I like to have a 5 colour rule, that way you don't overload your creation, and the outcome will have nice harmony. When choosing your colours too, make sure they are colours that compliment a garden green tone. Even if you use a tube of garden green acrylic as reference against the other colours you're trying to pick. Try matching some tones with your decor too, whether you pick some colours from your bed linen or any wall art. Also, don't cheap out on your paints - Kmart pots are top notch, the acrylic paint is not! Make sure you get some decent paint at an art shop (Riot, Eckersleys, or even some sample pots from a house paint shop)

I found that it took about 3 layers to get full coverage of each pot. If you're impatient, like me, grab a hair dryer and give it a blast for a few minutes until the outside is semi dry. It fast tracks the process!

Once your pots are 100% dry repot them with your new plants. 
Your new space will look lush as. 

The end result. It's crazy how much these guys brighten up then place. It feels like I have a new home, and the first thing I see is my plant babies when I open my eyes. Place the fairy lights in your bigger pots. Hopefully this has inspired you to kick off a cute afternoon of painting and decorating your little space.


Holy Spaces

So earlier this year I moved into a fancy new place at the top of my building. After staying in a teeny tiny apartment for two years in the city, that overlooked the train tracks, it was decided an upgrade was in order. 
I was never really that into the idea of beautifying my space because to be frank, my original apartment was a dank shithole.

I've tried to put effort into making whatever I have in my life beautiful - my clothes, my art, my house. To make my space a little more lush, I went on a pinterest frenzy, had some epic diy pot painting sessions, florist visits and kmart / bunnings runs. 

For the first time ever I wake up and am excited to sit in my little utopia and do work. 

Here are some helpful links if you're after some inspiration to vajazzle (yep, I used that word) your workspace:

Custom made desk by Duffleshuffle
Pots from Kmart 
Plants from Mappins Nursery 
Flowers from Brisbane Flower Market 

Happy revamping my darlings! x 


Kubo and the Two Strings

Coraline is my favorite film of all time, I always watch her when it rains and feel creatively energized after. 
The marketing team of Laika Entertainment, the studio who created Coraline, Paranorman and Box Trolls asked me to design a special something to celebrate the launch of their new film ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’
Not gonna lie, I squealed when reading their email, and honestly thought it was a trick. 
Stop motion projects were the best part of Animation School. Knowing how time consuming assignments were, I have a huge appreciation for the creative’s who bring to life feature films. I’m so excited to support those who have inspired me for years.


Art Vs Real life

This project has been 7 years in the making. 
7 long years I've had this little itch in my brain, that would surface when I least expected it. Sometimes it would turn up in the middle of the night, or other times when I'm drowning in emails in a busy cafe.

 I finally wrangled the idea by the balls and went for it. It wasn't for anyone else but me. A new way to translate the ideas in my head about how I view the world to others. 

I've always felt that my brain exists in a cartoon fantasy land but my body is trapped in reality. So I decided to become a part of my artwork. 

Oh She blooms.  #thumbelina

"But now I'm refined"
When Little Red met the Big Bad Wolf

 Her head is always in the clouds 

 Dancing with the devil

"Shh. Be quiet or he will hear you"
My heart has a rave party whenever you're near

 "I could have sworn you were human"

Limited Edition. Each sold separately. 


Delta Goodrem at the Logies

I recently teamed up with animation queen Rachael of Strictlyandlow & The Squared Division for a very special job. 
Last night Delta Goodrem performed ‘Dear Life’ at The Logies and I was invited to illustrate the content in the background. 

This style is completely different to my usual cartoony-skeleton pics - but versatility is important in my world, so I’ll give anything a red hot crack. 
I spent a very busy few days sketching, scanning and creating ink typography in the lead up to the big event. 

Seeing it come to life through the telly, knowing thousands of other humans in their homes were watching was when I could fully appreciate the work put in. Thanks for having me Deltabae x