Thank You

On Friday 15th March, many men and women from around Australia participated in 'The Worlds Greatest Shave' My partner Kris was a part of a team founded by Fork My Food's taste tester Josh and Jarred. 

The deal was, if Josh raised over $1500 Kris would have to commit to shaving the thick wavy hair off his head. The boys received so much support and donations from our friends, family and the beautiful people who purchased charity prints from my Etsy.  Collectively, they raised over $3000 as a team.

I whipped up this little Illustration as a thank you for all of the folk who contributed a helping hand to the big gig - not just for the boys' team, but in raising money for Cancer Nation wide. 

My sister Noodle, Myself and Kris. 

Fork My Food's Josh (Half shaved)

Fork My Food's Jaimee shearing the last lock. 

The Three bald Amigos. x


  1. Ah this is so sweet, love your thank you illustration. I also love that your sister gets called Noodle : ) Congrats all for the awesome job on the money raised!!! The 3 bald amigos look pretty cute too x

  2. Well done LC! Luckily they all look good with a shaved head...not many can say that! Well worth it :)