Dizzy Little Dotty vs. The Pine Needle Collective

It's pretty obvious how I feel about blog fashionistas. 
There is nothing more fantastical about a well dressed boy or girl, especially representing their own signature style the best way they know how. 

I'd like to introduce (if you don't already know her) Blogger extraordinaire Annika Victoria from the Pine Needle Collective.

She sporting a Dizzy Little Dotty 'I Like Your Brain' Tee and her own DIY handmade skirt with suspenders. I love that she replicated the outfit that little girl is wearing on the shirt! How insanely clever!? 

Check out her blog here and her facebook here

The 'I Like Your Brain' tee is available online


  1. Seeing Annika's outfit was the second time your adorable stuff has popped up on my internet radar in a week! Totally a sign to follow your fab work and blog. <3

  2. Loving this girl's style, thanks for sharing her style with us lovely!

    Eda ♥

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