Milk Thieves Exhibition

Milk Thieves Art & Design Store is having a series of exhibitions throughout the year, where they feature a new artist's work each month. 
May will be the debut of this cute quartet titled 'Birds' 

(you can interpret that title how you please - the definition can refer to flighty, egg-laying animals or also mean sexually attractive women. I like to see it as a blend of both.)

These little works are post card sized (105mm x 148mm), and should go to a nice home. 
There will also be some of my A4 prints for sale during the exhibition too. 
If you're in the Woolongong area, do drop by 
and see the wonderful wares and artwork on display at Milk Thieves
from Tuesday 1st May to Saturday 30th June.  

P.S be sure to double click the below images to see them in all their original hi res loveliness.

birds pastel hair art frames flamingo parrot nudes

birds pastel hair art frames flamingo parrot nudes


  1. Oh! So cute! I'll have to try and go by to check it out. I live in Sydney, but my family has a holiday place down near Nowra that we visit often, so it's on the way!

  2. so cute!!! hehee i like your style!

  3. love it!

    Please check out my blog: http://simonaborstnar.blogspot.com/