sunday drawing

My sketchbook is full of drawings,
but alas, i have no time to colour them to my full potential and upload away.
I wish I could say it is because i have no time, but really it's just sheer laziness when it comes to photoshop colouring.


  1. I'm impressed with anyone who knows how to use photoshop properly in the first place! Would love to see the pics if you get around to it. : )

  2. I love all your new pics sooo much! I think you should just upload them in black and white, as they're stupendous like that!
    This picture reminds me of the start of Watership Down haha

  3. This looks great Lauren and I concur with the above comment, anyone who knows how to colour with Photoshop is impressive in my eyes!

  4. Hi Lauren! I love LOVE your work (especially this piece!) and wanted to thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog :)

    Your work is truly magical and inspiring - can't wait to see what else you come up with!