Yeargh! Pirates! I was just going to keep this one in my sketchbook, uncoloured, and untouched. However I needed it for some manly fabric book covers i made, with a beard themed pattern. To my dismay they did not turn out too dandy in transfer form, and as a result my books were jimmied up and kind of reewnd (ruined).

Le sigh.

But the pirate isn't too bad I suppose. Something different to my normal lady drawings x


  1. He reminds me of Mr Twit...all kinds of junk-a-lunk in his whiskers ewww. I like this though...uhlot.

    Sad about your book covers!!

  2. such a cool pirate... i love it!

  3. Hello Lauren buble bee!
    thanks for your comment I love your blog too*
    I'm following it now and I put you in my list of my favourites blogs

  4. Ha!! I love him, I do!

  5. OK, there's a bit of theme of "OMG I LOVE YOUR PICTURES" running through all of my comments, but seriously... I've been browsing through your blog all morning and your illustrations have kept a smile on my face the whole time. But this one...! This one has made me smile the most, I think. The disgruntled bird on his shoulder is my favourite part.