ring ring

Hello, is anyone home?
Gosh, Finders Keepers is in 5 weeks from now and there is still so much to do,
why oh why Lauren can't you get your sh*t together in an orderly fashion.
I have been not tending to my blog or drawings lately, and i feel so sad for the neglegence.
What a crime.
Meanwhile, too many phone calls have been going on lately, and i am not a fan.
So i decided to express thiss feeling, in drawing form.

I shall be a better blogger in a months time, and am promising myself to spam the pages with lots-uh-drawinks very soon! yay x


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA cosmic connection!!! Omg hahaha, what are the chances lovely Loz!

    Lozzas' hate phone calls.

  2. I also hate my phone... Which is unfortunate because I work in a job that means it rings fairly consistently at annoying times of the day, such as 6am. Almost induces tears in me every time.

    Very cute picture and good luck getting ready for Finders Keepers.

  3. Haha I hate phone calls too. So I think this illustration is absolutely fantastic! Can't wait for the Finders Keepers markets. Good luck!

  4. Me again! So my shorts are from Witchery. They're on sale too! If they're not on the sale racks, they'll most likely be at DFO stores. Hope that helps!

  5. great drawings :) congrats

  6. what a great blog you have here! Congrats!

  7. Ha... That's cool Lady L. I'm not a massive fan of the phone either.

    I hope your going to use this for the Finders Keepers Markets! You should print it on address books that would be brilliant :)

    I'm trying to do an overview plan to get my little behind up to the FK markets in November to sell things. So much to organise.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  8. Oh to be so talented to put your thoughts into such comical & devine illustrations. LOVE your style (-:

  9. You are so, so talented!
    And I've been to Finder's Keeper's once before! (I was interstate, I'm from Adelaide, it was wonderful!)
    I hope you have such fun, I do wish we had it over here!

  10. hi! love your blog your art it`s so pretty, your "logo" so great, i study graphic design :)

  11. Lauren, Thank you for your nice words on my blog! Now I go look around at yours, it looks great already!

  12. Hi Lauren! Your art is amazing! I love your humorous imagination. It really tickles the soul. I so enjoyed viewing your art and blog. I absolutely love your creative bags. The zombie and vampire bags are sooo fabulous! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your touching words! Have a wonderful weekend! :)