love letters

Little Lauren has been one busy bee lately!
trying to smash out commissions, do website business AND prep for finders keepers = Crazy times.
BUT despite that, I have found myself sending little love letters in email/comment form to the clever folk of the blogging world lately, because,
i think its nice to let someone know that they are appreciated sometimes!


  1. This is so cute! I really really like your sketches, they're so adorable and neat!

    Be sure to check out my very first ever giveaway over at my blog!

  2. that is adorable! a true talent! whish i could draw like that! hehe


  3. thank you for the blog love. super sweet of you. your work is adorable!

  4. I am completely in love with your pages :)


  5. I love your sketch Lauren, you are super talented! Blog love is important, and thank you for showing some on ours recently! We'll be back soon!

  6. I love your blog, it's incredible, I'll love to follow it...

  7. Love letters are so special to receive - and lovely to send too.
    Good luck with all your work (FK prep work is scary, I decided to not apply this year as don't think I have the mental capacity for all the work involved!).
    Take care.

  8. You're so right, it's so nice to know that people like what you do and that sometimes they live on the other side of the world!! Thank you for your sweet messages on my blog!I'm now following your blog because I really love your little creations!!!!

  9. your blog is lovely and i'm already stoked to check out your etsy store! and thanks for the beautiful comment, it warmed my heart! ♥

    some friends of mine are moving to new zealand for a bit, and i am secretly planning a whole slew of love letters to send them. so fun!

  10. OHH miss Lauren
    What a kind and full of love idea, sending out all that love letters, it is very special that nowadays someone take the time for do that, you are a especial Being.

    I am very glad that you let me know your work i`m full of enthusiasm to now go through your pages and to discover your world.

    Thank you so much
    Have a nice day

  11. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment! I just spent a very long time checking out your awesome blog and store... Your art is amazing! I love the wood brooches!
    I'm glad you visited, now I can follow your fabulous blog and spread the blog love!:)

  12. Your comment on my blog really cheered me up.
    Thanks so much for making my day and for having such a cute blog yourself!

  13. :D

    Your comment made my day for sure!
    Barely anyone visits my blog, you see.