oh how lovely!

papercut out babes were made and photographed!
i cut out their pants and skirts and put some pretty paper to replace it!
there are different coloured tissue papers on the back too.
coloured pens were used for the dash-dash-dash outline.
there are ten in a pack. i hope to sell them at the markets.

they are quite grand.

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  1. Goodness Lozza, they are just so cute! I love Beret Girl the mostest!

  2. Dearest Lauren Carney. I like that you describe yourself as a polly pocket sized artist. I think that is really sweet. I just wanted to let you know I adore your work and congrats on winning the finders keepers art comp. love elise x

  3. hey...miss dotty! what a great project this...i <3 it! :) thanks for visiting my blog...and i become one of u'r fan in FB :D :D :D
    keep goin' dotty!

  4. I love these!! They remind me of the paper dolls I played with when I was little. Very beautiful!!!

  5. hello there! thanks for stopping by to say hello cause now I know your out there in blog land and now I found these delightful ladies...great work!