Illustration Inspiration Interview : Kelly Bastow

How did you get started as a Freelance Artist? 

I uploaded artwork and comics frequently on various blogs, and my website. Eventually I got contacted to do some freelance jobs.

What do you look to for your inspiration?
Most of my work is personal, I like to draw things that have happened to me or affected me recently. Otherwise I get motivated by my Illustration idols.

How long does it take you to do an illustration, start to finish?
Depends on the size of the piece, but usually a couple of hours.

Can you walk us through your process?
All my illustrations start as a simple pencil doodle. If I like the composition, I sketch it onto printer paper, and then use a lightbox to trace it onto nicer paper. Then I ink the sketch, erase the pencil lines, and add color if need be.

Do you get 'creative block' and how do you push through it?
ALL THE TIME. I get in a funk and feel like I've lost my passion, don't have any good ideas, and can't draw anymore. But it always passes in a few weeks. Just gotta wait it out!

Check out more of Kelly's Work :

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  1. Oh wow, I've never seen Kelly's work but it is PHENOMENAL! Thanks for sharing!