Art Vs Fashion

I, like most ladies, take part in the tea sipping, fashion-mag flicking ceremony that occurs when your fave publication hits news-agency shelves. What better way to start your day then idolizing fancy fashionistas in a freshly bought magazine of your choosing right?

Maybe it's because I can't sit still long enough to let my attention span re-adjust to relaxing and concentrate on something that isn't my light box, but I have been disjointed from my usual Frankie reading ritual and taken on a new online-lurking addiction to lookbook.

Lookbook makes me feel that all of the best parts parts of fashion magazines have been thrown together and put together for all to see minus the boring ads and newsagceny fees.

I have been learning a lot more about fashion through other people's examples, and find that even though I don't hold a lookbook account it's nice to get inspiration from the fancy boys and classy girls who do.

As an illustrator I constantly need visual stimulation to grow, and expand on the subject matter that I draw - otherwise things become stale and people lose interest. So, I decided to branch out and do what other fantastic artists like Nancy Zhang, Gemma Correll, Kelli Murray and all the other clever fashion-orientated arty folk do, and draw some of my fave outfits by lookbookers to kick start my creative engine.

I hope you adore these ladies just as much as I do. 
It was radical playing around with textures and doing something 'Out of the Norm' for me. 


  1. I love these, they're beautiful! I always find drawing people who are inspirational to me to be a really good way to kick start my creative drive.

    Love, Lauren.


  2. WOW!!!!!!!! you are so talented.
    i LOVE these, you did an incredible job!!! :)

  3. i LOVE the extra background details you made so lovely awwwww

    ps happy new year xxx

  4. Oh! These are great! I think my favourite one would be the Lua P one!

  5. Ahh, these are so great! I love seeing illustrators interpret stylish people in their own drawing style--it brings a whole other level of creativity and interest to the outfit the person put together! It's a cute little collaboration. :)

  6. Mother Hen say Magnificient Art Work Lauren

  7. Mother Hen say Magnificient Art Lauren